Redlands Foster Cats Lily and Sage


So with this new website and blog, I'm committed to sharing more about our family, as Carrie Vines Photography is a family business..My husband, Sam, often is my second shooter and Gandolf the Grey impersonator.. have you seen his beard lately? My son, Andrew, and daughter, Tannis, will often assist at weddings, and I'm pretty sure my past clients will agree with me when I say, that on a wedding day, having them assist is so incredibly helpful!!  My family means the world to me.. in fact, I created this business 10 years ago as a way to continue to be a stay-at-home mom to my kids, when the responsibility of being the family provider shifted to me. 

Our family has many interests, but perhaps the oldest, and most foundational, is our love for animals. Sam and I have fostered hundreds of animals in the 26 years we've been together.  When our kids were preschoolers, fostering continued, helping our children to learn some very valuable lessons about empathy, community and caring for others.  

I grew up in Redlands, and it has always felt like my hometown, even when we moved away after highschool. Since moving back to Redlands 4 years ago, our family has been fostering for the Redlands Animal Shelter. Earlier this year, we found out, that in a town of nearly 80,000 people, there are only a dozen active families fostering for the shelter. That information stunned me and propted our family to create Redlands Foster CATS, where we hope to encourage and educate about the joys and benefits of fostering shelter animals in our community. 

5 Reasons to Foster a Shelter Animal

We currently have two kittens who are now old enough to be adopted and will be going back to the shelter tomorrow morning. We would love to find someone who is looking to adopt these two bonded sibling kittens together. If we can find someone committed to adopting them, we don't have to return them to the shelter, leaving more room for the shelter to help other animals! This weekend is the purrfect time adopt Sage (A043833) and Lily (A043834) together for $44 which includes their first set of shots and spaying! These kittens have been raised in a loving home, have no fleas or worms, are healthy, playful and socialized. If you're interested please email us at info@redlandsfostercats or visit the Redlands Foster Cats link above for more information.

Meet Sage, the tabby, and Lily, the white kitten! These photos were taken when they were about 6 weeks old..

Sage and Lily are currently 12 weeks old..