This weekend my daughter, and 30 of her friends, dressed up in costumes and celebrated her 16th birthday with a gothic glam inspired spooktacular halloween party! I was thrilled when Tannis suggested a halloween theme party because it meant busting out the old yard haunt props that we hadn’t seen in over 5 years. (Yes, over 5 years since we decorated for halloween!!) Our love for the spooky, yet family friendly halloween decor would be the perfect backdrop for this gathering, but Tannis wanted to glam it up a bit.. after all, she is a young woman who loves bling! Thankfully, my friend Ginger was able to provide a lot of inspiration with creating the pretty side to this spooky decor, with the additions of ‘bling’ed out black and white pumpkins and crystal spiders. And of course, Sam would be in charge of the graveyard and eerie fog that would roll across the yard and into the party.. the graveyard made the perfect backdrop to our dessert table and helped fill in a lot of the ‘dead’ space in our backyard.. yes, I went there with that pun.:)

We have a long, narrow patio, and I wanted to create a lounge for the kids, so we brought out our large area rug from the living room, and my victorian era furniture from my studio to create comfortable seating. We hung our favorite changing portraits to help set the mood and they were very effective in spooking the unsuspecting teenagers arriving for the party. Of course, lots of flickering lights and candles and the scene was set. But when Mike, from Revolution DJ showed up with his professional lighting.. the look of the party hit an entirely new level. He and I hit it off really well when, for the first 10 minutes of the party, he played nothing but Haunted Mansion music. But the party was really for my daughter, so the playlist shifted from spooky to dance party and Ginger and I slipped into the house the watch the kids from a safe distance. I was so pleased to see so many kids dancing…again, props to Mike.. he did an amazing job with this teenage crowd.

It was a lot of work to put together this party, but so worth it..


Tannis’ Spooktacular 16th Halloween Birthday Party info:
cake and cake pops by Michelle’s Bakery
dance floor and cocktail tables/linens by Party Plus Rentals
DJ by Revolution DJ Services
Flapper Costume by

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  • sadi lane

    So so so awesome I love this!!!! What an awesome party idea Carrie your such a great momma!!!

Chris and Symphanee are getting married in just a few months and last weekend we celebrated their love for God, nature, and each other with this super sweet engagement session at Greenspot Farms in Mentone. I can’t believe I have lived here in Redlands practically my entire life and have never visited this farm until recently. Its really quite charming and everyone there was so welcoming and friendly. Chris and Symphanee explored the picturesque farm tucked into the foothills of Mentone and while they enjoyed the scenery, they really couldn’t take their eyes off each other. And watching them, as they twirled around on the dirt paths, exploring Greenspot Farms, I was a little overcome with emotion as I realized that I will have the privilege of capturing the day they promise before God, family and friends, their love and devotion to each other.

Symphanee is going to be a beautiful bride!! Just look at that radiant smile..






I just love this portrait of the two of them.. with her hand next to his heart!

Enjoy the slideshow.. I sure enjoyed all the giggles and sweet moments these two shared during our Greenspot Farms engagement session..

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  • Henrietta Raymond

    Such Beautiful pictures that capture the moment!
    So glad I was blessed to be there and see
    the beauty of it all…Your both “Jewels”.
    I Love You, Grandma Raymond

  • Melody

    You two look so radiantly happy! Love the playfulness! I love every one of these pictures! Your photographer did such a good job of capturing your ‘moments’ and all the true emotion that is rarely caught in life. The scenery was a beautiful addition and backdrop to the love on your faces! Will definitely use her again!

  • Jerry Mitchell

    So beautiful!! I love you more than I could ever tell you. Nothing makes me happier than seeing you so happy. You’ll always be “My little girl “. I love you. Love, Dad

This weekend, like every weekend between now and Christmas, was packed!! I had a senior photography session, a couples session, and an engagement session, which will happen in the next few hours.:)But for now, I’d share a sneak peek from the senior session, as it was a very memorable experience for me.. If you follow my Facebook page, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. But all that aside, no matter how embarrassed I was, (seriously, you should read the update on Facebook) Melony, a senior at Beaumont High School, knocked this session out of the park!

Here’s her sneak peek..:)


Stunning, isn’t she?! Can’t wait to show you the rest from her senior photography session!:)

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