Haunted Mansion Collectibles | Fan made Friday | Lego set and stained glass

I may not talk much about it anymore, but my love for the Haunted Mansion is still there. It didn’t go away just because I stopped collecting and sold most of my collection. The purge was just a symptom of some difficult times and downsizing. After my husband lost his job in 2008, the day after the greatest day of our life, life took a real sour turn for the worse and its been a long journey to recovery. I’m actually quite thankful that we had our collection, because there were times we couldn’t have paid rent with out it. Was it difficult? Sure. At first. And then it wasn’t. We had collected sooo much stuff that most of it just sat unnoticed on a shelf, collecting dust and being unappreciated. Seeing a new collector find the piece of their dreams, and being able to help make their ownership dreams come true turned out to be an unexpected, yet wonderful byproduct of selling the collection.

Now we have just a handful of sentimental and mostly handmade pieces on display in our home. You’d never know were were the fanatical, obsessed collectors we once were.. and I’m ok with that. With a more selective approach to decorating (and also the limited space issue) I actually appreciate what I see around me, especially this piece handmade by a dear friend, who also happens to be a collector. I just love how the light illuminates this piece.

haunted mansion fanmade stained glass

I’ve always been a HUGE fan of fan made items, so I’m uber excited to share this fan made item in the making, but it needs your help!! This is the coolest lego collection I’ve ever seen and would absolutely purchase this if it makes it to production.. but to get it to production, it needs 10,000 votes. If you love legos or the Haunted Mansion, or just appreciate the creativity behind this, please go vote.. HERE!!


Happy Fan made Friday!:)

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Never drink and drive. EVER.

One year ago today, we lost a dear client to a terrible crime.. while driving home after work, Kenneth was struck head on by a drunk driver who was driving the wrong way on the freeway. The impact killed both drivers instantly. Kenneth was an incredible man, as testament by the outpouring of love and support of his family and friends in the year since his passing. Kenneth had married the love his life, Sarah, just months earlier and their time together was tragically and senselessly cut way too short.

This tragedy could have been avoided. Today, I happen to be filming at a hospital who serve children with long term disabilities, including those created by such stupidity as drinking and driving. Today, I’m looking at a helpless child, who had their entire future ahead of them, and now their future includes living on a respirator and being fed with a GI tube.. for the rest of their lives. I can’t even imagine the pain and suffering their families are going thru.. And it didn’t have to happen, but someone made a bad decision that altered the course of everyone involved.

My sadness today has turned to anger when I think of how easily these tragedies could have been avoided.

Please, please..Call a cab. Ask a friend. Stay the night. But for God’s sake, do not drink and drive.


Kenneth, your bright, gorgeous smile is missed every. single. day.


L~ F~:
  • diana

    Terrible…pains me when I hear about stories like this some people just don’t understand my ♡ goes out to everyone who knew him.

  • Ohh my goodness, tears!!! It is so tragic and unnecessary!

Newborn Photography | Jefferson | Redlands

Meet Jefferson Steele..

redlands newborn photography carrie vines

Doesn’t he have the most delicious name ever?! I’ve been doing newborn photography for a couple of years now and he was definitely one of the easiest babies I’ve had the pleasure of working with. And the smiles!! He had lots to share, of course, when I wasn’t looking or ready.. but after a while I managed to catch a few.. It seems he likes smiling the most around the beautiful women in his life.. his big sister and momma!

newborn sibling photography carrie vines
newborn sibling photography carrie vines
Redlands Newborn Baby Photographer Carrie Vines
Redlands Newborn Baby Photographer Carrie Vines
Redlands Newborn Baby Photography Carrie Vines
Redlands Newborn Baby Photography Carrie Vines

Enjoy the slideshow… can’t wait to see Jefferson at his 4 month session!

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