This weekend, like every weekend between now and Christmas, was packed!! I had a senior photography session, a couples session, and an engagement session, which will happen in the next few hours.:)But for now, I’d share a sneak peek from the senior session, as it was a very memorable experience for me.. If you follow my Facebook page, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. But all that aside, no matter how embarrassed I was, (seriously, you should read the update on Facebook) Melony, a senior at Beaumont High School, knocked this session out of the park!

Here’s her sneak peek..:)


Stunning, isn’t she?! Can’t wait to show you the rest from her senior photography session!:)

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My daughter turned 16 back in Sept, but school had just started and life was hectic with getting used to her new workload with the addition of AP classes, mock trial and sports photography. After lots of discussion we decided to postpone her party a few months, which worked out perfectly when the idea of having a Halloween themed party came to mind. Well, her party is next week and I thought it would be fun to share a little bit of the crazy a few ideas I’m working on..Today, I’m going to share my Spooktacular Halloween invitations on a budget.

I haven’t thrown a party in years.. back when the kids were little, we threw great parties all the time. Back before pinterest, my friends and I were the diy-can-throw-an-amazing-party-on-a-budget queens!! Being self-employed, and the sole income earner for the family, budget is very important and while I’m a little rusty at this party thing.. there are sooo many more resources out there for budget conscience party throwers, like myself.

Tannis decided to have a gothic, glam Halloween party.. which is really helpful on our wallet as we already had some amazing Halloween decor. However, this party is shying away from the harvest, pumpkin, fall look, and going more modern with glitter and bling. That’s where the glam comes in.. The gothic side of this party will be a nod to the Haunted Mansion, with creepy details, like apothecary jars filled with interesting artifacts, flickering lights, and spooks that go bump in the night! Nothing bloody or gory here.

Once we had the theme, and pinterest page to help organize our ideas (isn’t Pinterest wonderful for that?!), we needed an invitation.. and here’s my other favorite resource..ETSY!! It is the first place I turn to for printed goods and photoshop templates and I love how many sellers are offering instant downloads now! You don’t know how often I’m trying to finish a photography project and inspiration hits me in the middle of the night and I need a template right now! lol I knew I was going to print my own invitations using my photography lab.. they have amazing press printed papers.. but I could have easily printed my cards at home on card stock. Since we wanted to set the tone for glam from the beginning, we decided to opt for press printing on pearl paper.. it was cheaper than blinging up the invites ourselves with stick-on gemstones, which was also a thought we had, but wasn’t budget friendly.

And while I have some design skills, I really didn’t have the time or skills to create the vision I had in my head for the card front, so I decided to leave that to someone more qualified. After searching thru pages and pages on Etsy, I found the perfect template for the front of the invitation and didn’t have to turn to designer for a custom design, saving me lots of money!! Many of the sellers on Etsy will provide the finished pdf or jpg file so you can print yourself, or even include the printing for you, which is a huge time saver! I opted to print myself because I wanted to add a custom back to the invitation. I purchased the harlequin pattern, since I didn’t know how to make that in photoshop, and then added the plum color and antiquing around the edges in photoshop. Tannis and I were thrilled with the results once the printed version arrived! I think they turned out terrific and they were very cost effective for a custom look and feel Halloween invitation for a party with a 30+ guest count. These cards ended up costing $1.65 a piece (including the linen envelopes) and that was perfect for my budget!

diy halloween invitation budget friendly

diy halloween invitation budget friendly

Halloween invite template: ManionAmor

Harlequin pattern template: MochiPaperShop

We are just dying to know what you think.. hurry back….

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Halloween is my favorite holiday! Our family really enjoys getting into the spirit of holiday.. hehehe.. spirit.. anyway.. from decorating our house, to finding the perfect costumes, we have a lot of fun with it! This year, we are especially excited to have partnered up with Redlands Friends of Shelter Animals and the Redlands Animal Shelter to bring you some Halloween Pet Safety Tips to keep your fur babies safe on the spookiest night of the year!:)

Want to make this Halloween memorable for your dog(s)? Sign up for a mini photo session while benefiting the Redlands Animal Shelter!

We have partnered up with REDFOSA to host a “Halloween Dogs in Costume” photo shoot fundraiser. If you love to dress your dog for Halloween, make it memorable by signing up for a mini session. Each session in ten minutes, costs only $20 and includes rights to download one digital copy from the online gallery.

The photo-shoot is on Oct 30th at Sylvan Park in Redlands. Our first appointment starts at 2 pm (a new appointment starts every 15 minutes) and the last one is at 5.45 pm. Don’t wait in line!! To schedule an appointment and get a guaranteed spot, please contact the studio at 909-499-1701 or visit this link. Donations are also welcomed! 100% of the proceeds from this event will go to the dogs and cats of the Redlands Animal Shelter!

Halloween Safety Tips | Halloween Mini Sessions for pets

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