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what is fusion video?

Let me start with a what I know for sure… I love photography! I love freezing a moment that will last a lifetime! And that will never change..


I have a mad crush on video… the movement, the sound.. seeing something in way that you’ve never seen before. And when you pair beautiful photography with cinematic motion and emotional music, you get the perfect trifecta of visual art!

I’m not a videographer or cinematographer.. heck.. I don’t even know the difference between the two.

But I love fusion.. the marriage of video and photography into one compelling piece. And I’ve been dabbling in it for sometime now, doing it my way, teaching myself as go. The video capability on the DSLR’s these days is mind boggling.. heck, that’s why I made the switch from Nikon to Canon.. for the video! Over the weekend, I was glued to my laptop working away, but had Vanessa Joy and Rob Adams in the background.. She’s a photographer; he’s a cinematographer.. they’re married and have their own separate businesses, but just like the two of them, the photography and cinematography make a sweet pair. Together, they shared their take on fusion video on CreativeLive, (CreativeLive is a live, worldwide creative classroom online.. and if you’re a photographer and haven’t heard of it, stop reading and click on this link now. NOW! and then please come back here.) Vanessa and Rob define fusion video as the combining of short, 4-5 second video clips with photographs in a multimedia presentation to highlight, not distract from, the photography. And that’s it, in nutshell..

I was so inspired by what can be created with these two art forms, I couldn’t wait to jump in and try it! And while I’ve been creating fusion my way, I’m thrilled to have learned some new techniques to take it to a whole new level, both in the filming/photographing side and the post production side. Here’s a little piece I put together today with our latest newborn from the BABY Collection.. BABY Asher, who is just too precious for words!

I’m sure I’ll be sharing more about fusion video in blog posts to come, seeing as how most all my wedding packages include fusion now. 🙂 BABY and Family session also get bits of video in their slideshows..I can’t wait to see how this dynamic art form evolves.

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