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Animoto and Songfreedom…a photographer’s best friend!

Slideshows, fusion movies and music are such an integral part of what I do with my photography. Finding the right song for my slideshows and fusion movies is something I work really hard at, and its been tough making the switch to Royalty Free music. You see, as an artist, I wouldn’t want anyone using my photographs without permission, and yet, photographers do this all the time with music. And I’m one of the guilty ones. For the longest time, I thought I was following the fair use guidelines, but it turns out, making slideshows for my clients or to promote my business while using licensed, copywritten music, didn’t really qualify as personal use. Last year, when I made the switch to Animoto, I was so thrilled because I could use their amazing selection of Royalty Free music with my slideshows and fusion movies and know that I was being respectful of other artists and doing the right thing.

Last week, I discovered another tool for adding music, legally, to my slideshows and fusion movies and I’m so excited about this discovery because I can now choose current and some of the more popular songs, many of which are quite special to my clients! And did I mention, I can do this legally?! Say hello to my little friend…. Songfreedom! They offer a variety of licenses on music by artists such as Jason Mraz, Train, Rob Thomas.. and lots more! And the best part is, the licenses are affordable!!

*happy dancing*

Check out for more info and stay tuned. I’ll have my first slideshow from Amy and Kevin’s San Clemente beach engagement coming tomorrow with a licensed song! YAY!!

PS.. If you’re interested in becoming a Pro User of Animoto, click here for a 20% discount!

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