Happy May Day!

I love May 1st! I remembering learning about may poles and ribbons in elementary school, and being encouraged to share a smile with someone today. During those elemental years, I would leave handpicked flowers wrapped in ribbon on the front porches of the century old bungalow houses that were sprinkled around in my neighborhood.

Some other reasons I like May 1st (besides the opportunity to deliver flowers door-bell-ditch style):

  • My birthday is right around the corner..
  • When I was a kid, it meant that school was coming to an end….now, as a homeschooling mom, I’ve got that feeling again!
  • Mother’s Day is also right around the corner and that means breakfast in bed! Yeah!
  • There are flowers in bloom…everywhere!

Speaking of flowers… I’m a romantic at heart and love the idea of dancing in a field of flowers…all carefree and whimsical! What can I say.. I’m a hippie’s daughter. Well, I got the chance to do that the other day when Sam and the kids surprised me with an early birthday picnic. When I saw the flowers, I dived in!


I’ve got more to say about my experience on being in front of the lens that I’ll share later.. but for now.. let me just say, after being poked by twigs and stems and who knows what else in places that I’d rather not mention, I’ll be staying out of the flower fields for awhile.:)

Happy May Day!

L~ F~:
  • Melissa Cummings

    What is a may pole?

  • Sam Vines

    now we just need to find a may pole.

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