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5D Canon Mark III Natural Light Studio Portraits

Let me just say its been a bad couple of weeks…. Lots of neighbor drama with land use rights and such, preparing for taxes and on top of it all, I’ve been sicker than a dog (why do we use that expression) and now I’m uber behind in editing. Today I was going to jump right into work when my husband walked in from running an errand with a small, non-descript camera bag.

Here you go…you’ve got one day to play, he tells me.

I peeled back the zippered lid and a chorus of angels sang out HALLELUJA! Or that might have escaped from my lips….whatever. All I know was I had in my hands the 5D Canon Mark III.

I’ve been saying for sometime now that if Nikon and Canon could make a baby camera, it would be the perfect camera for me. My first DSLR was a Nikon and I instantly fell in love with its auto focus, particularly the focal points… ahhh..the choices moving the little focal bracket offered.. that is how I learned to shoot and still prefer it that way. But then along came DSLR cameras with video and Canon ruled that market. While I was renting the Nikon D700 for my first year’s weddings, I was listening to the buzz about the MarkII and seeing these photos and videos. So last year, I rented the MarkII and yep, it was pretty darn cool… I saw a difference in the color (my Nikon always shot on the colder side and I always had to warm things up a bit in post) and the video was so incredible! I could really fall for this camera…except for the lame 9 focal points.

When it came time to upgrade my camera, my choices were the D700 and the MarkII, and while the pitiful choices of focal points drove me crazy, I decided to make the switch to Canon. We were introducing fusion video to my clients and it seemed Canon had more to offer with the direction I was taking my business. But I had to change the way I shot.. rather than moving my focal point to my subject.. I’d have to focus with the center button and recompose, because the other 8 points were not sharp and I was missing my shots.

Today, after getting to know the MarkIII, I swear it seems to be the best of both Nikon and Canon.. tons of focal points, better ISO capabilities, customizable button features making it super easy to dial in my settings with one finger… I’m in LOVE!! I only played with it for several hours, but I was able to start shooting with it rather quickly and it felt like it was made for my hands…it fit perfectly.

When I started shooting I forgot to adjust out of the Auto ISO.. so when I took these backlit photos in my studio at f4, the ISO shot waaay up… up to 6400! And you know what, I’m ok with it. The first photo is of my daughter, shot in natural light in my studio, in the late afternoon and was processed in Lightroom and resized and sharpened in Photoshop. That’s it… I didn’t have to do anything else to photo…

Here is my daughter’s dearest friend from Kindergarten….conditions and post processing all the same. Aren’t these two just gorgeous?

I took some video, as well, and hopefully, when I get caught up with my editing, I’ll play with it and share the results. In the meantime, keep watching Planet5D for the release of the short film Incident on Marmont Ave, which was shot entirely with the MarkIII.

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