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Kristy and Eric | Serendipity Garden Weddings | Korean Paebaek Ceremony

This third and final installment from Kristy and Eric’s wedding at Serendipity Garden Weddings will focus on their Korean Paebaek ceremony. In the past, the Pae Baek was conducted with a degree of solemnity the day before the wedding. Today, it remains a formal introduction and acceptance of the bride into the groom’s family often on the wedding day itself, as in Kristy and Eric’s case. Often held in a small room with just immediate family, Kristy and Eric opened the doors of the bridal suite and allowed their wedding guests a glimpse of this colorful ceremony that united the two families together.

Korean pae baek ceremony table Serendipity Garden Weddings

The setup for the ceremony is simple but meaningful and table is adorned with a variety of foods, including dates, chestnuts and walnuts, dried meats, sweets, tea and rice wine.
Korean pae baek ceremony table Serendipity Garden Weddings

Kristy and Eric changed into their Hanbok, which is the traditional clothing many Koreans wear on special occasions. During Paebaek, the outfits are supplemented with robes and headdresses. Eric’s headpiece is called the moja. hanbok and wonsam robes paebaek ceremony hanbok paebaek ceremony

The headpiece Kristy wears is called the jokduri and a yongjam, the long hairpin with an ornate dragon head at one end, is placed thru her tied hair.
jokduri and yongjam ceremonial coronet paebaek ceremony
paebaek bride preparation with jokduri and yongjam

The bride and groom kneel on one side of the low table with the groom’s family on the other. Then, the couple will bow, with the bride getting assistance to help her kneel properly. bride and groom bowing during paebaek ceremony bride and groom bowing during paebaek ceremony

Serving tea comes next, followed by words of blessings to the couple. White envelopes filled with money are also given to the couple to help them on their way.
groom pouring tea during paebaek ceremony

Legend has it that the number of dates and walnuts that are caught in the brides apron will signify how many girls (dates) and boys (walnuts) the couple will bear. According to Kristy’s apron, they will be having lots and lots of girls! 😉
tossing walnuts during paebaek ceremony

One of the many fun moments during the ceremony is when the groom carries his bride around the table. Eric made the traditional 3 rounds! Go Eric!!
groom carrying the bride paebaek ceremony
bride and groom sharing a fig during paebaek ceremony
Welcome to the family!!
bride and groom paebaek ceremony

Kristy and Eric’s wedding day was filled to the brim love and beauty and we want to thank them for trusting us on this very special occasion! We wish them many years of happiness together!

Enjoy the slideshow!

*would like to acknowledge and for their informative websites. And also, for the inquiries.. the song is Happy, by Secrets in Stereo Isn’t it a great song?!

  • Carrie - Hi Ree, I’m not sure, but I can check with the couple for you. 🙂 Congrats on your Paebaek, btw!

  • Ree - Hi!

    Where on earth could I get a tea table like that one? I want one just like it for my Paebaek but I can’t find one! I have no Korean-born people in my family (we are all Korean-American) and don’t know where to get one…

  • Carrie - The song is Happy by Secrets in Stereo

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